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Contributing Editor, AHTR (
Virtual Community Providing Support and Resources for art historians, museum educators, K-12, and others who teach using visual culture

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Founding Co-Editor, Art History Pedagogy and Practice 
Open-access academic Journal devoted to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History

Current projects

Instructional Designer, Seeing America,

Contributing Author, Chapter 20 “Art since 1945,” in Michael Cothren/Marilyn Stokstad, Art: A Brief History, 7th edition.  Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2018.

Advisor and Content Developer
Educational Advisory Committee, Digital Public Library of America

Co-Chair, Measuring College Learning Project, Art History Strand
Social Science Research Council Education Research Project (2017-2018)

Project Leader, SoTL Bootcamp at 2018 CAA Annual Conference
CAA Education Committee (2017-2018)

Content Developer, Digital Learning Tools (Revel, Interactive Learning Environment) 
Pearson-Prentice Hall, Higher Education Division (June-July 2016)

Recent projects completed


Educational Consultant, National Gallery of Art

Educational Consultant, Evergreen Montessori School

Pearson-Prentice Hall Higher Education Division
Narrator,  Chapter 33 “Art since 1950” Stokstad’s Art History, 6e, Revel (Interactive Learning Environment)

Webinar Presentation, Teaching Global Contemporary Art in AP® Art History, Artstor


Pearson-Prentice Hall Higher Education Division
Webinar Presentation, Improving Art History with Active Learning

Pearson-Prentice Hall Higher Education Division
Contributing Author, Chapter 33 “Art since 1950” Stokstad’s Art History, 6e (2017)
Revise text for new edition

Content Provider, Pearson-Prentice Hall Higher Education Division
Develop MediaShare assignments and related rubrics for chapters in

Stokstad/Cothren, Art History, 5e
Stokstad/Cothren, Art: A Brief History, 6e
Davies, Janson’s History of Art, 8e reissued
Davies, Janson’s Basic History of Western Art, 9e
Sayre, The Humanities, 3e
Sayre, Discovering the Humanities, 3e
Sayre, A World of Art, 8e
Frank, Prebles’ Artforms, 11e


Content Provider, Khan Academy 

  • Assist with content migration of to Khan Academy website
  • Develop assessment tools for on-line tutorials in art history

Educational Consultant, Glenstone, Potomac, MD

  • Produced preliminary needs study and recommendations
  • Directed program strategy for K-12 learning initiatives
  • Provided staff professional development training
  • Served as museum liaison to Montgomery County Public Schools



Developed content for “Writing Space” Assignment prompts and rubrics (Pearson-Prentice Hall)

Developed content for MyArtsLab Assessment-based Study Plans for Prebles’ Artforms, 11e (forthcoming 2013) (Pearson-Prentice Hall)

Authored Course-level and Chapter Learning Objectives for Prebles’ Artforms, 11e (forthcoming 2013) (Pearson-Prentice Hall)



Restructure Georgetown University’s ARTH140 Modern Art to integrate technology enhanced learning components, and evaluate impact on student learning (GU Department of Art and Art History; “Closing the Loop” assessment grant awarded by GU Center for New Development in Learning and Scholarship)

Review on-line course ART208 Modern Art. Course in revision. (Saylor Foundation, 2012)

“Art History 2.0: New Technologies and Changes in Pedagogical Practice” (Southeastern College Art Conference, 2012) Link to session website

Review of current and developing digital learning products (Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2012)

Develop MyArtsLab Assessment-based Study Plans for Marilyn Stokstad, Art History, 5e (2012) (Pearson-Prentice Hall )

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