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Courses Taught

Webinars and Online Courses

Race, Gender, and Contemporary Art
Art, Gender, and Society
Online Courses, Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities, Rutgers University

Teaching Global Contemporary Art in AP® Art History, Webinar presented for Artstor, March 4, 2016

Improving Art History with Active Learning, Webinar presented for Pearson Higher Education Division, Oct. 15, 2015

Graduate Courses

The Performative Impulse in Contemporary Art

Upper level Undergraduate Courses

Post-Renaissance Art (1530-1850)

Modern Art (1850-1930; 1850-present)

Modern Art and Modernism (1900-1945)

Contemporary Art (Art since 1945; Art since 1960)

Issues of Gender in Postmodern Art

Art of the 21st century (Upper level seminar)

The History of Body and Performance Art (Upper level seminar)

Theories and Methods of Art History (Upper level majors seminar)

Non-Major and Foundation Courses

Art Appreciation/Visual Literacy

Introduction to Art History (Pre-History-Gothic) (Chronological Survey)
Introduction to Art History (Renaissance-Present) (Chronological and Thematic Surveys)

Arts Matters (Methods/Writing Course for First Year Studio Art Majors)

Arts and Ideas (Interdisciplinary arts course–Gen. Ed.)

Integrated Arts (Education course focused on integrating visual art into K-12 curriculum)

Arts and Ideas:  The arts at Black Mountain College (Interdisciplinary arts course–Gen. Ed.)

Firing the Canon: What makes great art so great? (Freshman colloquium–Gen. Ed.)

Making and Meaning: Craft Arts in Practice, Experience and Theory (Interdisciplinary Learning Community)

Independent Studies/Undergraduate Research Projects Supervised

Gender Performance and the Body in Postmodern Art (D. Holton, 2002, UNCA)

Critical Approaches to Performance Art (Jennifer Bandini 2003, UNCA)

“Girls in Boots: Returning the Male Gaze,” (Studio project) (Jean Shepard, 2005, UNCA)

“Capturing History on Cloth: African American Quilts as Cultural and Historical Records” (Margaret Braswell 2004-05, UNCA)

“Luminist Landscape: The Overlooked American Art” (Annah Lee, 2005,UNCA)

“Looted by the Nazis: Cranach’s Madonna and Child in a Landscape in the North Carolina Museum of Art” (Mary Moody, 2005, UNCA)

“Political Graffiti Art in Latin America and Reevaluating the Art Historical Structure” (Rose Candela, 2005, UNCA)

“The Photomontages of Hannah Hoech: Ideological Constructs in Visual Representations of Gender” (Sarah V. Mills, 2005, UNCA)

Committee Member, MLA Thesis and Exhibition, (Georgia Lindsey, 2005, UNCA)