“Teaching With the Lights On” is a reference to the dramatic changes taking place in higher education today.  In my discipline of art history, adhering to the standard slide-based lecture has kept us—teachers and students—literally in the dark for way too long.  What worked in the past, no longer seems appropriate for our contemporary world.  I find turning on the lights to be an apt metaphor for my own shift toward more active and participatory models of student learning.  Over the past few years, I’ve begun to integrate a wider range of technologies into my art history classes.  My experience, along with the experiments I see others doing in a range of disciplines, has caused me to radically reevaluate my classroom goals and the pedagogical approach that I have used throughout my career.

I started this site as a collection of my current thoughts, professional interests, and materials I’ve developed.  I welcome your comments and contributions.  Thanks for visiting.

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