Student Audioguide Project

This project, which developed in 2012 with support of Georgetown University CNDLS staff, built on formal analysis papers I’ve traditionally assigned in introductory art history courses. Students work individually and in groups over the course of the project, which develops over the last two months of the semester.  Although students were initially apprehensive, their feedback was extraordinarily positive at the end of the project. One of my favorite comment came from a senior non-major who had never taken an art history course. Smiling broadly after her final presentation, she told me:  “It was neat–getting to be the teacher.  I’d thought I could not ever do that.  But, I did.”

I wrote about the project in a two-part blog post for AHTR.  See the following links for a more extensive discussion of the details, challenges, and successes:
Developing a Student Audioguide, Part 1 (rationale and logistics)
Developing a Student Audioguide, Part 2 (evaluation and reflections)

For samples of student audioguides, recordings are available on soundcloud

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