Updates to the Audioguide (TPC Edition)

In Fall 2013, students created audioguide projects based on works on view in The Phillips Collection.  I made two changes to the assignment that worked quite well.

1) I offered groups the option of creating a “rough cut” version of their audioguide for extra credit on the assignment. The goal was to encourage greater group interaction in the museum galleries and allow for more spontaneous recorded dialogue. In most cases, students used the rough cut to inform their scripted final project. One group preferred their rough cut to the scripted version.  Another, whose schedules had prevented them from creating a roughcut, returned to the galleries because they’d been disappointed with the sound quality of their final project—here are both versions:

Wolfgang Laib, Wax Room (final project)
Wolfgang Laib, Wax Room (second version–unscripted)

2) In lieu of final class presentations, I uploaded final audioguides to soundcloud and required the students to vote on the most professional using an anonymous Google Form voting ballot. As an added incentive, one of the museum curators offered her opinion as to the strongest project. On the last day of class, prizes were awarded to the winner of the “popular” and the “curator” votes.

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