AHTR Weekly’s Student Voices Series

Inspired by a call at Digital Pedagogy Lab in 2018 to encourage students to share their ideas and their stories about education today, I worked with AHTR to launch “Student Voices,” an ongoing series of blog posts for the AHTR Weekly. The first was by Alejandra Cervantes, a student who decided to travel to New York for CAA—the major professional conference for visual artists, art historians, and curators working in higher education–but quickly found the event lacked opportunities for undergraduates like herself, or ways to connect to the many professionals that had gathered for the week. After speaking up at an open forum on diversity at the conference, Alejandra offered to share her story with AHTR and is now part of a collaborative group working on CAA’s Undergraduate Outreach initiative.

If you are a student or are a faculty member who knows a student, who would like to contribute to Student Voices, contact info@arthistorytr.org.

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