AHTR: Visiting the Museum

This consulting project was a collaboration between Baruch College, CUNY and AHTR. Funded by a 2018 grant from CUNY’s OER Scale Up initiative, my role included developing and uploading new content to expand AHTR’s Visiting the Museum Learning Resource.

The existing materials focused on nine short videos that showcased the interior and exterior settings of well-known museums in New York City. Developed in 2012 with support from a Baruch College Teaching & Learning with Technology Partnership, the videos allowed instructors to raise questions about museum design and curatorial practice in their classes, regardless of the logistical challenges that often prevent organized field trips.

The new materials include additional bibliography and external resources, adaptable lesson plans and assignment ideas, and strategies that both students and faculty can use to build greater understanding of museums as social spaces where embodied experience contributes to art’s meaning and value.

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